Seven Short, Quick, Writing Podcasts.

Listening to writing podcasts make it easy to stay inspired and immersed in the writing life, even when you aren’t writing. Here are seven short, quick writing podcasts that I listen to when I’m sweeping, gardening, creating junk journals, and doing other activities that don’t involve major mental work. I like these because they are short, quick writing podcasts, mostly averaging ten minutes, and are packed with story ideas, tips, advice, and encouraging anecdotes about the writing life.

The podcasts in no particular order.

Daily Writer – Author and ghost writer’s fast, friendly, useful advice is geared to ‘cultivate the mindset and habits for creative success.”

The Writer’s Almanac – Garrison Keillor talks about everything and everyone with respectful irreverence and poetic descriptions. This podcast teaches me to really observe all life’s details.

Writing Excuses – This team of writers has fun as they give tips and guide you through their lessons learned to become better writers.

Write Now with Sarah Werner – This conversational, down-to-earth- podcast is chock full of a variety and inspiration for writers.

Roy’s Writing Tools – Roy Peter Clark, America’s influential writing teacher gives fun, quick tips on grammar and other usually-tediously-taught aspects of writing. Clark also authored a book that is equally succinct as his podcasts called Writing Tools: Essential Strategies for Every Writer.

The Well-Storied Podcast – Kristen Kieffer, a fantasy fiction writer gives tips on writing and living the best writing life.

10 Minute Writer’s Workshop – New Hampshire Public Radio’s program glimpsing the craft of various guest authors.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones? What do you think of the ones listed? Let me know in the comments.

Happy listening!

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Listening to podcasts while creating art

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