Journaling Tools for Writers – my current faves.

I journal most mornings to liberate my brain of thoughts and ideas that it churns out endlessly – even when I’m trying to sleep. I’m not complaining. A fountain of inspiration is wonderful for a writer. But, I used to worry about losing those ideas. So I started to journal – decades ago. I unload those ramblings onto paper in case I ever need to refer back to them. Mainly though, it’s so the well of creativity can fill again. To ensure that the journaling flows, I have my process that relies on a few tools.


I like fountain pens in my writing ritual. I have numerous pens ready to go, and enjoy the process of playing with ink, listening to the nib working its way across paper. I’ve gone through numerous pens and journals, finding the best nib and paperweight to allow for distraction-free scribbling and sketching. Here are some of my current favourites.

Minimalism Art Journal Minimalism Art journals boasts125gsm paper that allows art journalists the freedom to write, draw, and even paint, without worrying about anything bleeding through. Their prices are great considering the quality of the paper and the binding. Comes in numerous patterns and blank.

Peter Pauper Press journal If you are looking for a more decorative journal, this brand has numerous designs to choose from. The paper is thick and the price point is very reasonable.

Noodlers and Irushizuku fountain pen ink and Lamy fine nib pen.

Both provide relatively quick drying permanent ink. Irushizuku has divine ink colours to choose from. Lamy’s fine nib is the perfect option if you aren’t writing on heavier paper.


Three minutes or Less: Life Lessons from America’s Greatest Writers. This book is an easy, quick, and enlightening way to establish a reading ritual when you wake or go to bed. It serves as a good journaling prompt if you desire inspiration, and also provides food for thought to carry you through the day or night. I’ll post more ideas for these quick reads, and suggestions for writer journals in a post on my book site – A Novel Fiend.


My friend Dorothy reminded me that sitting at your desk, whether you are on a computer or your journaling, can take a toll on your back. Here are a couple of chair recommendations and ideas to keep your back and posture working for you while you are working.

DOWINX Gaming chair. It has been a game changer for me. I’m not a gamer, but I imagine I sometimes spend as much time as a gamer in my chair. This has a foot rest to elevate my feet. It also reclines fully if I need a nap or am watching something inspiring (or just mind-dumbing) while at my computer. There’s also a lumbar pillow that you can plug into a battery pack for a massage while you work.

Wobble Chair I switch between the big chair and this one to give my body a change in posture. This one is a kids wobble chair, because my legs are too short for some of the adult ones. These adjusting chairs can work your core and allow you to semi exercise while sitting. Great to relieve hip tension and improve your posture – if you work it correctly. Here’s the adult stool that is great for standing desks.

That’s it from me this time. I hope these suggestions keep you creative and comfortable.

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