Finding Ching Ha finds family

Finding Ching Ha, my novel about a young Chinese girl adopted by a Russian Jewish couple living in 1970s Hong Kong, has given me a new tribe. Not just a sense of belonging within a huge community of global intercountry adoptees, but with a new family – my Chinese family, that I lost over 50 years ago, when my mother took me from my home, my father, my uncle, and half brother, and put me up for adoption.

I found out the story of the first four years of my life through an amazing series of events, which included a DNA test. Before I submit the sample, I wrote an essay about my expectations and hopes.  Read the whole essay on the InterCountry Adoptee Voices website.

If you are just too impatient and want to know all about the final results, read my post THE RESULTS ARE IN on my sister website, Finding Ching Ha.

Happy journey.

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