A Reader’s Resolution: Scheduling Books to Read

One of my reading resolutions is to add structure to my reading life by scheduling books. This way, I will finally read books from my personal library, instead of always being distracted by new,'shiny' titles from the library. I do like shiny things, but I'm a reader who hoards books so I already have many brilliant titles on my shelves (and keep adding to them). It about time I stopped taking those books for granted, and started appreciated them.

I am scheduling a minimum of two books per month – one from my bookshelves, and one from the local library. But, the library books are those that I have in the ever-growing “Books to Read” section of my messy reading notebook, so they don’t really count as ‘shiny’ objects. The rest of my structured reading time will be allocated to titles I read for work, so I’m completing an average of three to four books a month.

So, what titles are in my book schedule this year?

I chose a mixture of classic and new fiction and non-fiction. I prefer to read titles that people aren’t talking about at the time of my reading, so I can experience the book without expectations set by others. Here are the titles and what I know about these books.

What am I checking out?

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Happy reading!

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